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THREE DAYS LEFT and counting!!!

Okay, so I admit it. I am a dork. I’ve been counting down all summer for this movie to come out. It’s a big deal. It’s the last one. It’s the end of the series–there’s no more books, the amusement park is already open, and now the movies are coming to an end. A couple of years ago this wouldn’t have been such a big deal to me–I didn’t think the movies were up to par by far but THEN they had to go and make part 1 AMAZING with only a couple mistakes (there should have been a scene with the Dursleys redeeming Dudley as they were leaving before Harry).

People say many things about this franchise. That it’s out of control. That wizardry is the devil. That Twilight is better. That it’s an unhealthy obsession. You know what I say to that? POO ON YOU!! So what if we’re “too old” to dress up and have fun? Isn’t that better then dressing like a skank and going to the club? Are we hurting anyone by doing this?–No. All that’s happening is a bunch of young adults and teenagers are using the one night to get together with old friends and reminiscing about being younger before the cold reality of day shines its face again. What’s so wrong with that? We aren’t quitting our jobs and joining the circus!! It’s one night!TICKETS 

All that being said, I’m SUPER excited!! I’m going to be wearing a cloak and my sorting hat. I’m going to break the glow stick I got at a bookstore during the release of the final book. I’ll be wearing the tasseled keychain I got from the very same place and best of all I’ll be with friends I haven’t seen in quite a while that I miss quite a bit. I’ve taken a break from crafting to reread the final book in preparation. For those of you going make sure to bring a box of tissues because it’s going to be a sob fest.

I have a friend that’s visiting Germany this summer–he’ll be going to the premier over there. It’s so interesting! This is a worldwide phenomena. We’re all joined together by it despite numerous cultural, language, and distance barriers. It’s kind of inspiring really. I know world peace isn’t possible but it kinda makes you want to believe that something might be accomplished. If a simple children’s book can bring people together like this what more can be accomplished?


A couple of GREAT days

Well, the end of June and beginning of July have been sweet. We’ve made cobbler with fresh picked berries, went on serene picnics, peaked on wandering deer, and enjoyed the sunshine as well as the cooling breath of the seldom thunderstorm. Hopefully this mood will prevail. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

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I took a class on iris folding several years ago. We were taught using fancy paper or wrapping paper. Being the cheap college kid/ eco-freak that I am, this is not very practical so I began experimenting. As you can see strips of old magazines work very well. The cardstock is expensive but when compared to the price of a nice greeting card, the cardstock wins.

the beginning

Alright, I’ll be the first to admit I have no idea what I’m doing here. This all started when I was trying to “like” a post on a friend of mine’s blog. One thing lead to another and here I am. Sooo, patience will be required for the first little while as I adjust to formatting the layout and figuring out what to talk about / share.

So for now I’ve posted a bunch of pictures of some iris folding I’ve done with old magazines. A myriad of crafts will probably follow but you can definitely count on a ton of photos about EVERYTHING–nature, friends, crafts, activities, idk probably even inanimate objects so watch out!

random bags

Fraken-purse was created this morning using the front of an old pair of jeans and an old t-shirt. It didn't turn out as well as I hoped but it's pretty good for a first try.